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WorkAlert is a joint initiative between the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness Safety and Productivity (the Alertness CRC) and the Sleep Health Foundation.

Sleep loss and sleep disruption is a common problem in the modern 24-hour society. Whether it be from inadequate sleep or untreated sleep disorders (or a combination of both), poor alertness has widespread effects on core brain functions: reaction time, decision-making, information processing and the ability to maintain attention.

Poor alertness is responsible for almost 10,000 serious workplace injuries and more than 25,000 serious road crash injuries each year, costing the Australian economy an estimated $5 billion a year in lost productivity and healthcare costs.

However, the reduced performance, accidents and injuries caused by impaired alertness is, to a large extent, preventable. The Alertness CRC has been working the Sleep Health Foundation and broad range of industry partners across a range of sectors to develop the latest technologies, systems and tools to improve sleep health and manage alertness in individuals and across organisations.

The Work Alert initiative is designed to engage organisations in the opportunities to implement changes and measure improvements in safety and productivity. It provides information of a range of relatively simple, science-driven approaches that can dramatically improve employee experience and the company’s bottom line.

The site is tailored towards industries that tend to employ workers on shifts, like health, hospitals, mining, aviation, factories and hospitality but is relevant to all employers and employees who want to maximise their sleep related health and will continue to provide the latest organisational and individualised solutions.